Soft Parade

Today she said she’d rather feel too much than nothing at all. She said it twice. Today she said she’d … More


My identity seems to be lost on a hyphen.  Asian-American.  Indian-American. This hyphen denotes a bridge between two places of … More

Winter Garden

I’m becoming an overgrown garden of lingering emotions One year my family kept the Christmas lights up until July They … More

a self-love manifesto

Apologize less, bite more. Dust your eyelashes in powdered sugar, and give yourself a taste. Gift your smiles like friendship … More

Man on the Street

“You’re looking pretty today” He says, looking me up and down, biting the corner of his bottom lip Almost hidden … More

Apology ≠ Absolution

“Louis C.K. admits sexual misconduct allegations are true, apologizes.” I woke up to the CNN notification, and the first thing … More