About Us

What the F is a feminist organization on campus that engages with the fight towards equality in a multitude of ways. A few times a year, What the F publishes print magazines that include a wide variety of writing styles, voices, and artistic expressions. We also run a continuous blog (this blog!) where writers and artists can react to issues instantly and constantly.

Originally, this organization was a Women’s Health magazine that provided factual health information to women and made the concept of feminism more accessible to everyone. Our column “Sh!t I’m Afraid to Ask My Doctor” is a relic of that origin, but this organization has evolved to encompass much more than that in the last few years. In an effort to build community and activism on campus, we believe it is important to push past the boundaries of what it means to be a traditional publication. We hold multiple events throughout the semester that promote discussion, evoke empowerment, and provide a platform for the feminist chorus of campus to sing and share their anger, their hopes, and their minds.

What the F is dedicated to a form of feminism that values intersectionality and inclusively. We recognize that individuals face oppression through multiple different facets of their identity, whether it be through gender, race, nationality, sexual identity, religion, ability, etc. We aim to support, to heal, and to express ourselves freely.

The F in WTF stands for fresh, funny, fearless, feminist, and fuck. What do you stand for?

To let us know, reach out to whatthefmagazine@gmail.com to submit articles and art to the print publication. Reach out to aniforos@umich.edu to submit a blog entry. We encourage you to join our team and join our movement!


Alexandra Niforos & Lia Baldori

Editors, What the F Magazine

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