About Us

Welcome to the What the F Magazine blog, an offshoot of our semester magazine at the University of Michigan! What the F started off in 2012 as a women’s health magazine, and our column “Sh!t I’m Afraid to Ask My Doctor” still serves as an outlet for women’s health concerns. We’ve since expanded into an intersectional feminist multimedia organization, and aim to act as a creative outlet for discussions on racial, gendered, sexual and social justice in Ann Arbor and beyond. We welcome submissions from What the F staff and anyone who stumbles across the blog—if you have a story to tell, we would love to hear from you in a blog post! You can fill out our blog submission form here.

Feel free to explore our magazine archives and the rest of our blog pages from a variety of awesome writers. You can also listen to our podcast here.

At What the F, the F stands for fresh, funny, fearless, feminist, and FUCK. What do you stand for?

All love,

Payton and Aayana

Podcast and Blog Directors; What the F Magazine


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