Feast Your Eyes

Art by Calin Firlit, WTF Art Contributor

We are becoming items*, We are already items.


Just put in a credit card:






We are consumed*


by the predator,

by each other,

by ourselves.

[We are inescapable decadence. We are consumables enjoyed at a convenience.]

Mirror make us our own consumables,

We’re starving,

a feast for the eyes

anything. (please)

Men forbid, We consider ourselves* a meal.


Consume me,

bits and pieces at a time.

Consume yourself.



[Reduction for feminine consumption. Their hole is unequal to one whole.]

We are pussy money for the Capitalists pussy-fucking our wallets.

Rapacious and relentless.

We are eaten alive by the Cannibals demanding every last drop of our human femininity:

The Un-Consumable.

Capitalistic Cannibalism.

We are required to consume,

to devour ourselves inside and out.

Consume me,

consume us,

consume each other before We run out. 

[We are supposed to enjoy getting bit.] 

Consumption, consumption

Until the inevitable:

Our graceful decline of




The decline into Un-Consumable.

To the capitalist cannibal, pussy has an expiration date.

Ella Kocher

WTF Blog Writer

Art by Calin Firlit, WTF Art Contributor

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