A Letter to the Struggling Student

Art by Camden Treiber, WTF Contributing Artist

Dear Student, 

Take a second.



I know this semester isn’t what any of us had been expecting. I know it’s new and stressful and scary. I know that it can be lonely. I know that it can feel like you’re running in place, desperate to finish. I know Zoom sucks. I know it may feel  like you are behind, misunderstood, unheard, or unloved. I know that the uncertainty is daunting. But despite these feelings, this general unhappiness and unease comes with going to school in a pandemic, you are doing great. This is the first time in history this type of  pressure has been put onto students. This is the first time that you sleep in your classroom. This is the first time students have no choice but to sit and stay. And, you are doing it! No matter what you think your grades and GPA say about you, you are doing something new and exhausting, and let’s be honest, at times, terrible, but you are capable and strong for accomplishing this new challenge. . So yes, this semester sucks. But you don’t. Stop comparing yourself to those around you. Stop saying that you are dumb. Stop putting yourself down for the sake of others. Remember, you are doing what you have to do to remain afloat today and that is okay, everyone’s life looks different now, and so does yours. Enjoy it! Because never again will your walk to class be so quick, or the “campus” bathrooms so clean.  And most importantly, please make sure that you are looking out for you, take a nap if you need one, make yourself a nice meal, do something to show yourself how much you appreciate you. 


Another Struggling College Student

Sydney Bauer

WTF Blog Writer

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