Feminist Find: Tessa Rose

Today we feature sophomore, Tessa Rose, from Romeo, Michigan studying Women’s Studies and International Studies. Read more about Tessa below:

How do you define feminism?

To me Feminism means breaking out of the cis white heteronormative male narrative that dominates society. Feminism is about redefining societal constructs, but mostly it’s a movement of unity rather than division.

How do you try to incorporate feminism into your daily life?

I created my own female-focused art blog called Warm Honey just less than a year ago. It helps me get vocal. My dearest friends write for it and make art for it. I love encouraging women to channel their talents and creativity because passion and inspiration evoke change.

Who inspires you?

Mimi Elashiry, she’s an Australian/Egyptian dancer and creative. She always travels and absorbs life’s beauty. She seems so free. Another icon for me is Simone De Beauvoir. I cherish her existentialist work The Second Sex, it reformed and solidified a lot of my feminist thought.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get more involved in the feminist movement?

Get vocal and angry. You have a right to be angry, so don’t suppress it. Start writing, start talking, start doing. Anything (and everything) helps.

How has your view of feminism evolved/changed at your time at the University of Michigan?

Mostly I think my feminism has become more intersectional and inclusive. My feminist ideologies started forming through a very narrow, white lense; but thankfully, have grown and expanded since.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years and how will you continue to incorporate feminism into your daily life and work?

I want to be helping women always, in whatever form that may be. Maybe through art or writing or philosophy. Something that is challenging but rewarding because it improves the lives of women.

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