Feminist Find: Claire Abdo

Today we feature senior, Claire Abdo, from Kalamazoo, Michigan studying Art & Design. Claire has inspired students on campus in many ways…read more about her below:

Art by Anna Herscher

 How do you define feminism?

Feminism is equal rights.

How do you try to incorporate feminism into your daily life?

I always walk with my head up and I don’t set out of people’s way. Feminism in day to day live is not about getting on your soapbox and ranting at people it’s about being a strong woman every day so people associate femininity with strength.

Who inspires you?

 My mom and my friends inspire me, and WTF.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get more involved in the feminist movement?

You don’t need anyone but yourself. Research, create, read, be your own feminist!

How has your view of feminism evolved/changed at your time at the University of Michigan?

Since coming to Michigan my feminism has become better defined and more inclusive.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years and how will you continue to incorporate feminism into your daily life and work?

I see myself still presenting as a strong woman and supporting those around me. I get a lot of joy out of boosting up other females.

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