Let’s Not Stop Hillary Clinton

Recently, Time magazine published an issue with the tagline, “Can anyone stop Hillary?” on its cover. What’s worse: it featured a man holding onto a high-heeled shoe for dear life.

Clinton has not decided if she is running for presidency, but according to the Time article by David Von Drehle: ”Clinton is so globally famous, so politically wired and so primed for the presidency after two campaigns at her husband’s side and one epic race of her own that her life as a private citizen has become virtually indistinguishable from her life as a candidate.” Sounds great, right? Strong-willed, intelligent, and tenacious, Clinton is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, whenever she or her rumored path towards presidency are talked about, it’s always in the darkest of lights. She is painted as a monster, or, as SNL so kindly pointed out, as Godzilla, on a path of destruction and power.

Why do we need to stop Hillary? Why is it that whenever a woman in politics is talked about, she is either too delicate to handle power, or too dominating and terrifying to wield it? We saw enough of it during the 2008 elections: Palin was too soft, too beautiful. Every time she opened her mouth, people wrote her off as unintelligent. Her beauty pageant past was a large focus, instead of her ideology. On the other end of the spectrum, Clinton was seen as “too shrill”. One reporter even dared to say that she sounded too much like a nagging housewife.

Men, on the other hand, no matter how idiotic they sound or how often they’re in the public eye for some controversy or another (Carlos Danger, aka “Anthony Weiner”, I’m looking at you), still receive more respect than these women who are actually improving our country.

Clinton doesn’t need to be stopped and here’s one more reason why:

Hannah Gordon
University of Michigan
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts ’16
Communication Studies
Creative Writing Fiction

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