13 Badass, Fictional Women of 2013

2013 has been an hot year for women in the media.  From Beyoncé, to Jennifer Lawrence, to Hilary Clinton, the buzz was never ending when it came to female powerhouses.  Check out some of our favorite femme fatales of the year from the silver screen: 13 badass, fictional women of MMXIII.

  1. Michonne, The Walking Dead

Michonne slashes Walkers as if they’re a piece of cake. She’s the only woman on TWD who has yet to have a love interest, too. Michonne’s number one priority is taking care of herself, but she’s fiercely loyal to her own, and doesn’t let any guys fuck with her. If I had to pick anyone to survive a zombie apocalypse with, it’d be Michonne.

  1. Skyler White, Breaking Bad

A lot of people had a problem with Skyler, and I think it’s mainly because she didn’t praise Walt for being the meth extraordinaire that he was. Instead, she protected her children from him. Because, let’s face it: even though we were rooting for him, he was a disaster. Skyler chose to protect her kids, which makes her a badass, not a passive housewife.

  1. Sophia, OITNB

PRAISE BE TO SOPHIA. She fixes hair and she counsels Piper, who seriously needs it. Sophia is the perfect mixture of strength and genuineness. She’s also a commendable representation of a transgender woman, whose story line isn’t muddled down by her sexuality, but rather, enhanced by it. Sophia was one of my favorite characters on OITNB because I felt like her storyline was the most unique and honest.

  1. Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Sure, she’s in a love triangle, but that’s not her only sole purpose in life (Bella Swan, I’m looking at you). Katniss’s number one priority is protecting her family and her hometown. Not only does she battle twenty-three other tributes, but she also battles a corrupt government. Much more impressive than battling sadness because her boyfriend left her for a few months (again, Bella, I’m looking at you).

  1. Queenie, AHS: Coven

Queenie doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She knows what she’s capable of and doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. Plus, being a human voodoo doll helps. Queenie is a badass witch who is confident in herself, which makes her not only beautiful, but a role model by every standard.

  1. Donna Meagle, Parks & Rec.

She’s sassy, sure of herself, and smarter than 90% of the people in the world. She knows how to get work done, but she also knows how to treat herself and relax. Donna is real, and Donna is loyal. She can roll with the political elites, but she also knows how to remain true to herself.

  1. Lady Sif, Thor 2

She can wield a weapon better than arguably all of Asgard and she’s not afraid to show it. Lady Sif should be the role model for every child everywhere. Thor is great and all, but we all know who the real hero is.

  1. Olivia Pope, Scandal

Olivia Pope is one of my favorite TV characters to date. She can take care of any problem, and she’s one of the most complex characters on prime time television. Also, it’s Kerry Washington.  Everyone loves Kerry Washington.

  1. Hit Girl, Kick ass 2

The movie may be called Kick Ass, but it’s Hit Girl who really steals the show. She kicks ass and takes no names. Hit Girl can fight her way out of anything and isn’t scared of what the universe throws at her.

  1. Tara Thornton, True Blood

Just try to tell Tara what to do. She will rip you apart—and not just because she’s a vampire. Tara’s no doormat, she doesn’t need anyone validate her.

  1. Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

Arya was a badass from the beginning of the series, but her existence gets more and more badass by the episode. She’s not spooked by anyone (or thing) and she’s sure as hell not scared of the gender norms of her day. She knows who she is, and it’s not someone’s wife.

  1. Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

ALL HAIL THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS. Daenerys may start off by being a meek young bride, but she grows into being one of the fiercest rulers of her people. She doesn’t let men walk all over her—instead, she shows them who really runs things. Daenerys doesn’t rely on a man to get her anywhere.

  1. Brandy Klark, The To Do List

Thank GOD for this movie. It’s the first time a girl has lost her virginity in a movie without FALLING IN LOVE with the guy. Plus it asserts that virginity isn’t this huge deal that society makes it out to be. We aren’t magical unicorns if we’re virgins. And we aren’t sluts if we chose to lose it. It’s really just ‘no big deal’.


Hannah Gordon
University of Michigan
Creative Writing Fiction


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