Welcome to our new blog!


Photo by: Jerusaliem Gebreziabher

What the F Magazine is excited to introduce our new blog where we’ll present you with the latest and greatest from our organization. Not familiar with What the F?  Not a problem. What the F is the premiere organization and publication on the University of Michigan’s campus devoted to women’s health.  We’re on a mission to inform, educate, entertain, and unite people on this campus in the name of gender equality.

Do you ever flip through the glossy world of Cosmo and ask yourself, “What the eff?” So many women’s magazines around are all about MEN. “How to be kissable.”  “How to be sexy.”  “What he likes to hear.”  “How to give a blowjob he won’t forget.”  This simply won’t do. We are opening up the world of womanhood, redefining femininity, and giving you shit that really matters. Stimulating discourse on topics ranging from gender norms, patriarchy, hook up culture on campus, or institutionalized sexism, we’re fostering a safe space for students to express themselves. Like what you see?  Join us every Wednesday in Mason Hall room 3330 at 9pm.  Become part of the discussion and contribute to the movement.

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